Main Elements of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of various strategic techniques to improve the characteristics of a website and its relationship to the rest of the web in order to achieve higher rankings for the site in search engine results pages (SERPs). Web users enter search terms and phrases into search engine query fields and perform searches all of kinds across all subjects.

Different websites will then appear in the SERPs according to their relevance to the specific keywords that are searched. Websites actively increase their rankings by engaging in "optimization" practices that improve website design and coding as well as increase the quality of content and linking. The search engine algorithms that determine what should rank where then analyzes these elements and establishes page ranks accordingly. Due to the nature of this natural searching and the techniques to improve natural rankings, SEO is referred to as "rganic search," in comparison to paid search which is refers to the paid advertising that appears on the SERPS.

Essential Components of Organic SEO:

  • Design - Website design factors into optimization as there are website features that are not search engine "friendly." These features drag the rankings down as they can be detrimental to the performance of the site (e.g., slow page load speed). Conversely, there are other features that make it easier for search engines to read the site, and these need to be maximized.

  • Coding - The coding that is used on a given site is very important. Elements such as title tags, alt tags, and H1 tags, among others need to be optimized so the search engines can have an improved idea of what the pages are relevant for.

  • Authority -The credibility and authority of a website matter immensely. Interlinking and off-site backlinks play a critical role in establishing authority relating to certain keywords and then utilizing that throughout the website.

  • Content - High quality content is a large indicator of a quality site and search engines look for this quality content. It also needs to be relevant to increase positive association with the keywords that are trying to be ranked for. No longer are practices such as "keyword stuffing" allowed in the current market, as

These are essential yet basic aspects of SEO that are usually addressed in conjunction with paid search in order for businesses to implement a fully developed strategy to get more traffic to their website. The search industry is constantly evolving, but the above aspects of the industry are tracked by the best SEO companies on a daily basis to deliver the most up-to-date practices for their clients.

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