Our Goals

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has grown in relevance and importance since its original inception and both the industry and practices used within it continue to evolve. Its importance within internet marketing has pushed a wave of interest from companies across industries to seek out SEO services to improve their web presence and drive more targeted online traffic. The formation of SEOCompanies.com grew out of the need for assisting these organizations in finding the best SEO companies on the market.

In over 10 years of experience in the internet marketing industry, we have had many poor experiences with SEO providers and as a result we wanted to create a platform that can truly help companies locate reputable SEO providers. This stands as our underlying goal and everything we do is geared towards providing this service.

To deliver on our primary goal of assisting organizations of all sizes and across all sectors find the best SEO companies for their needs, our secondary goals include:

  • Customer Satisfaction - First and foremost, we want those using the site to be satisfied with the experience and we strive to provide all that is necessary to companies to make an informed decision regarding their SEO needs.

  • Relevance - We want the most relevant matching possible and strive to establish as much information regarding the best SEO companies so appropriate matches that suite client needs can be achieved.

  • Clarity in Results - We not only want the results we provide to be insightful and informative, but relevant and offer true value to our clients.

  • Transparency - SEOcompanies.com sets out to be transparent in our operations so clients know how they are using a reputable platform and can count on the information regarding search engine optimization services they are receiving.

  • Trust - By delivering the best search platform on the web for top SEO companies, we strive for client trust and do what is necessary to achieve this trust.

We understand that companies have varied needs and goals for their online marketing projects and campaigns, so we strive to assist them in finding those SEO firms that can help them. While other websites rank SEO companies based on a process that is far less than transparent and operates from the assumption that every vendor is a good fit for every client, our approach is much different. We address a number of factors that assess their search marketing services and their place in the internet marketing industry.

SEOCompanies.com goes to great lengths to evaluate each of the vendors that are included in our search results. We review the vendors' service offerings like integrated search and content management, as well as the work quality, pricing, clients and results achieved, among other factors. All these elements are evaluated and rated based on our proprietary scoring system.

To learn more about our matching process visit the How Our Process Works page and for details on what aspects of the firms we evaluate, visit the various Vendor Evaluations pages (e.g., Results, Work Quality, White Hat Practices, etc.) on our website.

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