Our Process

SEOCompanies.com likes to look at itself as somewhat of a very advanced “dating service” for companies to find quality SEO firms. We understand that not every provider is right for every company. Some providers specialize in certain verticals while others focus more so on e-commerce website, no two clients will ever be exactly alike.

So, how does our process work?

By collecting specific data about the client’s needs and outlined requirements, SEOCompanies.com matches that criteria against the search algorithm associated with their network of qualified and reputable SEO vendors. As this matching takes place, the search results of the most compatible vendors are displayed.

Each vendor is evaluated on a large set of criteria that make up our proprietary search algorithm. The vendor matches that are displayed show a match ratio of 1 to 10 based on the overall requirements that have been input.  These results factor in the main elements of SEO.

SEOCompanies.com has devised its rating process to deliver what we feel are the best possible results for companies seeking an SEO firm. We highly recommend you perform your own level of due diligence on the vendors and make no assumptions based exclusively on our matching process. We are however confident that the vendors that are represented in our network are reputable and are experienced professionals in the area of online marketing.

For more information on how we evaluate each of our represented vendors, visit our Vendor Evaluation page.

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