Quality of Work

At the core of any SEO campaign are tasks that address website enhancement, adding quality content, building inbound links, improving coding, establishing authority, and improving other elements all for search engines. This constitutes the work that top SEO vendors do for their clients and the practices they perform in order to cater to the search algorithm of each major search engine. This work can generally be put into several categories: onsite optimization, content development, and link building. SEOCompanies.com reviews sample work of our top vendors to evaluate their effectiveness in each of these categories.

Below is a description of each of them:

  • Onsite optimization – From design and architecture, to coding and site maps there are many factors to the way a website itself interacts with search engine spiders or web crawlers, the bots that search engine algorithms use to analyze websites.

  • Content Development – Continuously adding and updating your website pages, blog and social media accounts with quality content helps drive ranking in search results. Most campaigns implemented by search marketing experts of top 10 SEO companies will include content writing, so you need to be sure it is done with careful consideration and completed to a high quality standard.
  • Link Building – Each link to your website can be considered as a vote that attests to your site being an important, credible, and authoritative site. These votes are all not created equal, however. Links from higher ranking, more authoritative sites will carry more weight than those from less credible sites. As a result, it is important to establish where and how your partnered SEO company achieves external backlinks.

  • Client Base Served -Beyond the categories of the work, other important characteristics include the sectors the vendors work with. Top 10 SEO Companies are usually not one size fits all, and we evaluate the different vendors to establish the types of clients they best serve. Many vendors cater to specific niches including:

    • Industry focus
    • Company size
    • Geo targets
    • Target audience
    • Campaign goal

SEOCompanies.com gauges the types of clients that each vendor specializes its online services towards in order to provide the best match results for your company. We are insistent upon providing a platform that can truly match businesses to not only the best SEO companies, but the ones that are the best fit for them. For more information on our process, visit the How Our Process Works page of our website.

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