Questions to Ask an SEO Company

We encourage businesses interested in partnering with SEO firms to be proactive with their search. Taking proactive steps ensures that businesses are making the best decision for their company. Such actions include gaining information on the industry and vendors and utilizing tools like to narrow your search and match the most appropriate vendor per your business' specifications. Part of this process is also asking the right questions of your prospective SEO firm, and we encourage you do so. The questions below are those most important for you to ask:

  • How does your firm stay current with the changes that occur within the SEO industry?
    • This is essential. The top 10 SEO firms stay current on the latest developments in SEO and structure it into their operations to track changes and roll out new strategy to address the changes. Asking this question informs you of their research and training capabilities and how well they can deliver you a quality optimization service.

  • Do you outsource your work?
    • The answer to this question will give you an indication of the quality of the firm's output. If the firm does outsource, follow up by asking how they ensure the high quality and consistency of their work.

  • How does your company secure links in your link-building?
    • Asking about links will lay the foundation for your next question regarding white hat tactics. There are recommended and non-recommended ways to secure links and you want them to explain that difference. This question will also let the vendor know that you are familiar enough with SEO to ask such a question.

  • What is your company's stance on white hat versus black hat SEO techniques?
    • As described in our section on white hat SEO, the company you partner with needs to conduct all of their work within white hat practices. Asking the question upfront and taking note of their answer will give you an idea of their approach.

  • How do you structure your SEO pricing?
    • Some SEO vendors do a locked-in term contract, and others use a month-to-month model. Make sure you know which model fits your business better and be sure to stress this preference.

In the end, you want to be as confident as possible that you chose the best SEO vendor for your company and its needs. Asking these questions and others that dig deeper into the vendor and the way it delivers results will give you valuable information you can use to make your decision.

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