SEO Pricing

The price of expert SEO services can vary, like in any other service sector, and this is to be expected. However, along with varying SEO pricing, the spectrum of work quality is quite wide which can often be to the detriment of a business' campaign and overall web presence. Companies must do their due diligence in pricing top SEO companies specific to their needs by utilizing tools and resources like SEO pricing is an important component, but certainly not the only component to look for. Companies that keep up with constantly changing search algorithms, adapt, and keep their clients at the top of the SERPs require commensurate compensation for their high quality work.

An SEO campaign can cost anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars a month depending on search data, search estimates, campaign goals, and the scope and level of keyword competition. To address this, we attempt to measure the tasks performed by vendors at varying price points to gauge the value offered by each company. The value provided for the money paid is an essential aspect that we address. We realize that analyzing search algorithms and understanding how to optimize for them is a multi-faceted and expert-driven process. We also understand though that companies want to receive great results at reasonable prices. As a result, we seek top vendors who strike that appropriate balance and give consumers the best return on investment.

Percentage of Work Performed In House

Within the search industry, many SEOs outsource or subcontract large amounts of the tasks performed for their clients in an effort to make their SEO pricing lower. Outsourcing can provide cost savings or leverage specialized skills, but the practice also has great draw backs. With that lower price point, work of a lesser quality is usually produced. When the quality of the work is at a lower standard, it requires extended revisions which results in lost time and slower progress on campaigns. factors how much work is performed in house vs. outsourced into our evaluation process. The SEO companies that keep the majority if not all of their work in-house versus outsourcing it consistently achieve greater results for their clients. As a result, we track and evaluate the practices of companies and the degree to which they lean on outsourcing to complete their work as we strive to match the best quality to clients. In the end, we weigh their outsourcing efforts against their SEO pricing and end quality they deliver to their clients.

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