Transparency takes great pride in representing only the highest regarded and most proven SEO firms across the globe. Our evaluation process is exhaustive and requires each vendor to submit a detailed outline of their services. We weigh their strengths and weaknesses which enables us to enter that data into our proprietary matching algorithm. Each vendor is also required to provide references from existing clients that can speak to the level of performance that the vendor has provided to them. Vendors are continued to be evaluated and those that do not live up to our high level of standards will be removed from our network.

We see this as a way that we carry out transparency through our evaluation process. The transparency we look for in the vendors we are evaluating is very similar.

Due the constantly evolving nature of search and SEO, vendors have the opportunity to hide behind a veil of secrecy in relation to what exactly they are doing for their clients. Clients come to vendors for them to perform specialized tasks that much of the time the clients do not have the understanding and capability to perform themselves. Vendors can take advantage of this lack of client understanding. Conversely, the best SEO companies are completely transparent in their operations and hold themselves accountable for their work. These companies are results-driven and involve the clients to make sure they understand the entire process.

Communication is a large element of transparency and it is important for vendors to be clear in their communication with clients. This avoids uncertainty and any confusion that can exist and be perpetuated throughout the campaign and the entire vendor-client relationship. At SEOCompanies, we make it a priority to include only vendors that are transparent in the work they do and the relationships they form with their clients. In the end, you should have full detail on all of the tasks your SEO vendor is performing to optimize your website and detailed reporting on efforts and results. analyzes how forthcoming vendors are with their clients from the sales process through milestone reporting.

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