Updates in SEO and Search Engines

The SEO landscape is always in a state of transition making it all the more important that your business partners with a reputable SEO company that stays abreast of changes. SEO is immensely important for businesses to achieve high rankings in SERPs for relevant keywords and their SEO company must stay on top of the developments in order optimize efficiently and maximize return on investment.

Google is the dominant search engine in the US and around the world and they make changes to their search engine algorithm and methods continuously. Some changes are small and others are much larger and have great SEO implications. In brief terms, recent changes impact geo-targeting tools and strategies, varying anchor texts, page indexing, relevant image searching, navigational and local intent features, among others.

  • More specifically, Google has made the move to semantic search determination in relation to keywords and the associated phrases that relate to them for establishing relevance and authority. This impacts content creation for SEO marketers as this puts more precedence on the quality of the content making it more about related subject matter and less about the recurring presence of one phrase.

  • Further, Google has indicated that they are moving closer to making it more difficult for websites to rank highly when they engage in lower-quality practices. White Hat Practices characterize the methods that are recommended and Black Hat refers to those that are used in order to "cheat" the system. Our evaluation process makes sure that vendors only engage in White Hat practices. These practices are largely relating to suspicious linking activity and businesses need to make sure their SEO Company is on top of these changes so their SEO campaigns do not suffer.

  • Beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo! are other players that receive attention from SEO vendors in relation to determining how best to rank for these additional search engines. Top SEO companies must stay committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques relevant for all major search engines.

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