Vendor Results

Our evaluation process is crucial to continuously delivering our quality results to the clients that use our platform and visit our accompanying informational pages. One of the primary ways that we evaluate the worth of the various search engine optimization (SEO) vendors is through the results they achieve. An SEO company can have a lot going for it but if it is not achieving real results for their clients then they cannot deliver for your company and they have no place in our search listings.

In order to establish the quality of SEO service, vendor results, and ultimately evaluate them, we seek information in the public domain regarding the improvements companies made while working with various SEO vendors. Additionally, verified case studies providing details of vendor achievements and meaningful results are reviewed and conclusions drawn. We make sure that past customers of these vendors received noteworthy return on investment (ROI) for the services they purchased from the vendors.

Results can be judged quite subjectively and we realize this as is the case with SEO company reviews. We do consider SEO company reviews, however, they need to be evaluated themselves to determine legitimacy. From Better Business Bureau reviews to other less reputable sources, we weigh them against our objective findings regarding results. These objective findings on SEO results focus on several key metrics such as page rank in search engine results, and traffic volume in determining the before and after search engine positions of a particular website.

This process helps us accurately and objectively measure the significance of the improvement that was experienced by the companies. Factored into this process is the competitiveness of the search terms that the companies have partnered with SEO vendors to improve. Ultimately, vendors need to achieve results and we measure them to accurately represent how well they can deliver for you and from there amass our database of the best SEO companies.

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