Why an SEO Company is Saying Hello to OC/DC and Bye to SEO

Seems kind of crazy, right? But it’s true.

Copyblogger – our industry’s leading publisher of free Internet marketing information – is letting go of the term SEO.

According to Sean Jackson, CFO and partner in Copyblogger Media, “I have felt that the entire concept of SEO, while an important part of online marketing, had a very ‘spammy’ connotation.”

(Keep in mind that this is coming from the “resident SEO guy” at Copyblogger.)

“The term too often aligns our work with unprofessional practices like link buying and web spamming for article placement. Yes, SEO is officially dead. Not the practice, but the term.”

If you’ve been part of the SEO and e-marketing mix even for just a couple years, you can probably sympathize with Jackson. As a client, you may have placed projects on freelancing platforms for “SEO articles” in the past. These are articles that never really benefitted your audience and eventually ended up hurting your SEO efforts. You know, the “brain dump articles” where you would link keyword-rich text back to your site’s homepage.

Sentences like the following abounded: “Everyone experiences [keyword] and is affected by [keyword], which is why it’s important to learn about [keyword].”

Useless sentences that muddied online search are just some of the reasons Jackson said “I really hate the term ‘SEO’” at the beginning of his OC/DC article.

What is OC/DC? And is Copyblogger Endorsing it Just Because It’s Cool?


It brings to mind a mental disorder when, in reality, it’s anything but. In fact, it’s probably one of the things farthest away from a mental disorder, given that it means Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversion.

It also brings these guys to mind…

And really, these guys are more similar to OC/DC than mental disorders. Why? Because the Copyblogger team is cool. AC/DC is cool. Mental disorders aren’t cool.

But shifting forward to what OC/DC really is – not what it reminds us of – OC/DC is synonymous with the same tactics Copyblogger has been writing about and employing for nearly a decade. Before coming up with a replacement term for SEO, the value-driven and open-minded Copyblogger crew made content marketing a part of SEO.

Now content marketing is SEO.

And who better to create a new term and lead the charge than Copyblogger – a content marketing company with the tagline, Solutions for Smarter Content Marketing.

So, to answer the second question: No, Copyblogger is not endorsing the term OC/DC just because it’s cool.

Copyblogger is endorsing the term OC/DC because:

  1. SEO is about informing people first, search engines second
  2. SEO is about conversion, not just getting on page one
  3. Useful content ranks better than “brain dump content”

In essence, using the term SEO no longer makes sense. You can drive as much traffic to your site as you want, but if your content is garbage, your leads will be garbage. And the practice that SEO should represent – and which is represented by qualified SEO companies – is the practice of gaining high quality leads, followers, etc.

Also, people are smart. And there’s nothing stopping them from leaving a crummy website, even if (for some odd reason) it does sit at the top of SERPs.

Which is why it’s better to focus on content, and, as OC/DC implies, optimizing content for discovery and conversion.

Remember, the idea behind SEO is not dead. The only reason it’s being replaced is because spammers and frauds can’t hack OC/DC. That would mean being smart, compelling, and value-driven – something Google loves and something you just can’t fake.

So thumbs up Copyblogger, and long live OC/DC.

Now here’s the answer to the first question regarding what OC/DC is, in its entirety.

SEO is Dead - Infographic
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Why Tie Social Media into Your SEO Campaign: 3 Major SEO Benefits to Social Media

When businesses partner with an SEO company, businesses are not only handed the rundown of how SEO is an effective service for helping a site rank well, but SEO companies also stress the importance of businesses becoming involved in social media. Although many businesses are aware of the simple benefit of utilizing social media as a communication tool, social media has many SEO-related advantages that help an SEO campaign become even more successful.

Many businesses are aware of the obvious benefits to becoming involved in social media. These reasons include the cost effectiveness, and the simplicity in creating social media and maintaining accounts. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free to join and very easy to set up. While these sites help guide users in the creation process, most can set up accounts without help. These sites are also easy to manage as users simply write a brief post, share links, videos and pictures. You can search for people and other companies to interact with, and inform web audiences of your company, products and services. Overall, social media sites help businesses establish an even greater online presence.

While these are valid reasons why your business should get involved in social media, there are even bigger, SEO-related benefits.

1. Create backlinks to help your site rank higher
Social media sites allow users to not only post content, but they can also share the content. One post on your social media site can be shared by a range of users and across other social media platforms. Sharing content creates backlinks, which helps increase your page rank and rankings in the SERPs.

2. Your posts and profiles can be found in SERPs
What some may not be aware of is that your social media posts and profiles can be found in the SERPs. Web audiences can simply type in your company name or a related keyword and your social media sites can be found in the SERPs. Also, by adding your social media sites to each site, users can visit the other social media sites your business is on. For example, on your Twitter account profile, you can add your Facebook page and LinkedIn profile for users to visit these pages.

3. Share your content through posts
SEO companies stress the important role content plays in helping a site rank well. Social media is another way to share content. Since you want to avoid duplicate content, and since your social media posts are shorter, you can reword other content such as blog posts and articles to be posted on social media sites, enhancing your SEO efforts.

Utilizing an SEO Company: 4 Important Factors to Understand Beforehand

While utilizing the services of an SEO company can help your site become more visible online through various strategies and techniques, prior to turning to an SEO company, there are a few steps your business should take beforehand. These steps will not only help you and the SEO company work together on a campaign, but these steps will help guide you to success.

1. Focus on understanding the value of the product or service
While businesses should focus on their competition, they should pay close attention to what their product or service has to offer. Rather than focusing on your competitor, first you should focus on the value of your product or service. What makes your product or your service so unique? What makes it better than what is already out there?

2. Truly recognize your audience and how the product or service relates to them
Instead of just assuming an age range of your targeted audience, truly recognize who they are and how the product or service benefits them. This is an essential part of your campaign success. Ask yourself why these customers would want this product or service and how it benefits them.

3. How will you form a bond with your customers?
Remember that your initial goal isn’t to just draw web audiences to your site, but to turn visitors into customers. The best way to do this is to form a bond with them. Customers want to feel appreciated and welcomed by businesses. Take the time to get to know them and communicate with them. By formulating a bond or relationship with them, you’ll create demand.

4. Determine the best channel for promoting your product or service
Although creating an attractive and SEO-enhanced site will help draw in visitors, you will need more than just an appealing and keyword-focused site. Determine where you audience is and how you can reach them. There are various channels to help draw attention to your site such creating a company blog and joining social media sites. You don’t necessarily have to join each, but determine which are best in capturing your audience.

By carefully analyzing these four factors ahead of time, you will be able to create and maintail a successful SEO campaign.