How to Relate to Your SEO Provider

When we outsource business services, we think of ourselves as the customer, just like we would if we were dining at a restaurant.  We expect to be served what we order.   That’s not an unlikely assumption.  However, what if the provider needed more than that, more than brief instructions and wishes?  That’s often the case related to search engine optimization services.

Consider taking the following steps to better relations with your SEO provider.

Inform Them of Your Customers

Marketing is the process of aligning offered goods and services with a target market.  Any product or service can be marketed by an SEO company in theory; however, the process is expedited and enhanced when clients present information about their target market.  As marketers know about marketing, a client knows their target market.  That’s the latter’s area of expertise.

Some SEO notions leverage automated notions, but personal notions make the best traction.  Help your provider help you.

Ask Questions

It’s not unlikely for an SEO provider to devote time and energy toward particular notions and then have clients stop the presses due to questions.  Rather than curb the inertia of your campaign, ensure there will be no reason to stop your initiatives from the very start.  Ask a lot of questions and ask your provider to explain in terms you understand.  Otherwise, unasked questions leave potential for paranoid clients and frustrated providers.


It’s worthwhile to search for money ‘breaks’ on some products and services.  For instance, if you want a new pair of golf clubs, it may be worthwhile to wait until the shop down the street hosts an upcoming sale.  If you want your car washed, maybe you can save some funds by driving to the provider across town, which is hosting a grand opening event.  However, when it comes to SEO, most clients get what they pay for.  Moreover, most clients are disappointed in the long term for saving a few dollars in the short term.

The work is being performed on behalf of your business.  You want quality work done.


Be mindful when approaching SEO providers.  While they may be helpful, they’re also running a business.  They may inspire you to purchase more marketing power than you need at the moment.  Search engine optimization is not an all-or-none practice.  Be smart, think about your target market, and slowly ease into your marketing campaign, looking for areas to improve in the future.

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