Is Your Business Missing Out on Mobile Internet Users?

The mobile community is the fastest growing section of Internet users in the world. In fact, it’s expected that in the year 2014, more than half of Internet usage will be conducted via a smart phone or tablet device. The fact that more and more people are making purchase decisions through their tablets or smartphones creates incredible opportunities for small business owners. According to SnapHop, more than 60% of mobile users who discover a website without a mobile friendly interface will immediately leave and head to a competitor’s site.

Many businesses will work or have worked with an SEO company to create a website that is search engine optimization friendly. This is a wise move, and the numbers prove that building a website with the search engines in mind is incredibly beneficial. However, just because a business has worked with a SEO company in the past, doesn’t mean that they have a website that is mobile friendly. The responsive design of mobile friendly websites used to be a special perk, but it’s now almost imperative to have a responsive design. The costs can vary, but the potential for lost business is staggering without a mobile friendly website.

The best SEO strategies all keep mobile searchers in mind, which is a big reason that social media marketing is growing in popularity. More than 80% of time on mobile phones is spent on sites like Facebook and Twitter. When companies have a strong presence on these sites, they can provide links back to their Web pages. These landing pages can be optimized to run special promotions that will help drive more leads or sales.

Local search is also an integral part of mobile search. People on the go are often looking for the best place to get a particular product or service. The best mobile strategies will take advantage of this by providing a site design that encourages sales. This starts with easy to read text and a prominent call to action and ends with the sales or contact page. The most effective contact pages will provide a hyperlink that prompts a phone call to a business. The easier the user experience, the higher the likelihood conversions will be made.

All online marketing efforts need to be focused on enhancing the experience of a business’s targeted audience. Whether a person is on a mobile device or sitting at home on their laptop, companies that utilize the latest trends to provide an enjoyable and informative online experience will always flourish.

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