Make Your Blog Post Standout with these 3 Post Formats

The purpose of a company blog is for businesses to provide web audiences with business-related information, especially pertaining to products and services. This helps them connect with web audiences and create relationships to turn visitors into customers. In regards to the usefulness of blogs for SEO purposes, SEO companies understand the impact a company blog plays in helping a site stand out. Because blog content is consistently updated with targeted keywords used throughout, search engines crave the fresh content, helping a site to become visible.

While blogs help a site stand out in search engines, companies must also focus their attention on ensuring their posts attract web audiences. Just as businesses want to ensure they create a unique and attractive website for web audiences, the same concept applies to a blog. Rather than just writing what can sometimes appear to be a journal entry to web audiences, companies should focus on writing blogs in a format that attract web audiences.

If you’re looking to give your blog post format something more than just paragraphs piled onto each other, here are three blog post format ideas:

List tips & advice
Web audiences are on your blog because they want to learn about your company, products and services, and how it can benefit them. You can help them learn about your company, products or services by listing the benefits and describing each briefly. This not only helps web audiences learn more about your business in general, but helps turn blog visitors into customers.

How to’s
While web audiences may be aware of a product or service, and of its purpose, you can write a “How To” piece catering to what else web audiences can do with it. These types of blogs catch the attention of audiences because they learn something they may have not of already known about.

Keeping up with the latest news in your particular industry is usually a given. You can utilize this knowledge by creating a blog post out of it. Web audiences love studies, researches and statistics. If your company recently performed a study, whether one for customers and how they feel, or if a study was recently performed that relates to your company, turn it into a blog post.

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