SEO That Matters

Before beginning a search engine optimization program, identify elements that matter the most.  Select elements that are important in building the bridge to your consumers.  Selecting the proper elements is not necessarily your service provider’s job; it’s yours.  While SEO offers a lot of opportunities, a ROI relates to leveraging elements that matter.  Consider the following information.


A lot of SEO gurus will push the notion of content on clients.  Yes, content is an integral part of marketing; you need to relate information in some form to consumers.  However, consider arranging content that matters.  Moreover, identify what kinds of content will work best with your specific consumers.  This could be a podcast, video, picture, text post, etc.

Social Media

A lot of SEO gurus will push clients to partake in social media.  Yes, social media is a great marketing tool.  It can also enforce failure as well if not used often or properly.  For instance, merely establishing a profile and getting people to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you is not enough.  Social media success hinges on ongoing engagement with others.  It requires time and resources some small businesses are not willing to devote.

Link Building

A lot of SEO experts advise clients to build links to influence ranking and authority.  Yes, incoming links do influence how search engines view a domain’s authority; however, aggressive link building is not necessarily a positive thing.  On the contrary, some processes can get a web site penalized.  Link building needs to make sense.  Incoming and outgoing links need to make sense.  Like with content generation, it’s more about quality than quantity.  Don’t let an SEO provider tell you otherwise.


It’s pretty safe to assume newer tools and platforms will arrive in the near future.  You will read convincing posts related to using different implements and tools.  Don’t think of whether a marketing implementation is good or bad based on SEO guru standards.  Judge a new tool or implement by how well it will effectively communicate your brand’s messages to your consumers.

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