The Importance of Successful Blogging in Your SEO Campaign

While the goal of SEO is obviously to move higher in the search engine rankings with various white-hat tactics, all of these techniques also help your brand become known as a thought leader in your specific industry. One major component of SEO is blogging. You may have heard the phrase “Content is King,” and for search engines, it’s true. However, blogging also aids in developing leads, keeping site visitors engaged and coming back for more, and becoming the go-to for industry news, tips, and great content. By blogging yourself or with a reputable SEO company, you will solidify your stance as an industry thought leader while creating relevant and unique content to keep readers coming back – this in turn creates an increase in organic traffic, along with improving your technical SEO.

So what makes a successful blogger?

  • Update Regularly

While updating daily is not necessary, it is important to update your blog on a regular basis. By providing fresh, new content at least once a week, readers will keep coming back and Google will recognize and reward your efforts.

  • Write about Trending Topics

See what’s trending in your industry and write about it. A great way to see what people are talking about is to check out the trending Twitter hashtags or online news outlets. Google allows you to create an alert using different keywords, so that when a news story comes out on the subject, you’re alerted immediately. By writing about what people want to read, you will increase your site’s traffic naturally and again, become the place people go to first when they want to know what’s new in the industry.

  • Write Easy-to-Read Copy

Keep in mind that you’re writing a blog, not a research paper. Therefore, copy needs to be easy to read, as most people tend to skim content online. Make use of headings, bullet points, and lists – anything that makes your content appear more user-friendly. Avoid large blocks of text and keep in mind that blog posts should only be about 300-500 words. Break up text with mixed media every so often, as well.

  • Share via Social Media

Get the word out about your blog and communicate with others in the industry and potential customers by using social media. Great social media outlets for blogging include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Ask others their thoughts on your most recent blog topic to get the conversation started and comment on other people’s blog posts – they will likely return the favor.

These are just a few things that make a successful blogger and, therefore, a successful SEO campaign. By creating a blog and updating it regularly, you will make your brand known and develop leads while organically increasing the traffic to your site. Aside from improving technical SEO, blogging is a great outlet to solidify your stance as an industry thought leader.

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