Three Easy Content Opportunities you Might be Missing Out On

If you’ve been running your own online marketing campaign or if you’ve hired a third-party to help out, you know by now that Content is King. You’ve probably perfected your on-site content from the inside out, created a blog, and set up some social media profiles – after all, creating a web presence is the essence of SEO. But there are some lesser-known, yet equally simple, content opportunities that not every company knows about. When you’re looking to boost your rankings, you simply can’t pass up an opportunity.

Stretching Content with Social Shares
Did your company recently make a commercial that got posted to YouTube? Did you write an insightful or helpful blog post? Did you make an infographic about the upcoming holiday? Once you post a piece of content, you’re not at the end of your rope – share it!

You probably have a Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Pinterest account for your company, so you’d be silly not to circulate your content around those social channels. When you post a new blog, let your Facebook and Twitter followers know. When you post a tutorial on YouTube, it should go straight to Pinterest. Content isn’t a dead end – you can even re-share old content if it suddenly becomes relevant again.

Writing Press Releases
When you release a new product, partake in a charity event, or run a major holiday sale, the world deserves to know about it. Write a press release and have it promoted through one of the many press release distribution sites. Most SEO companies have a membership with a distribution site already, so don’t be afraid to let them know you want to take advantage of the opportunity to spread some news. If not, there are plenty of free, one-time, and inexpensive memberships available.

Getting Into the Media
If you’re not signed up with HARO – Help A Reporter Out – you should be. They send daily e-mails that let you know when reporters are looking for stories on certain topics. You’re the expert of your business, so if something relevant comes up, why not take the opportunity for some free press? All you have to do is check these e-mails and respond to reporters who are looking to write a story on something that’s up your alley.

The people who put in that little bit of extra effort are the ones who make a name for themselves. Any coverage of your company is useful to you, especially when it’s on another site. Make use of social media profiles and news opportunities to get your name out there and create useful, organic links!

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