Top 3 Signs of a Trustworthy Digital Marketing Agency

With the digital marketing landscape constantly changing, it can be overwhelming to try to stay on top of the most cutting-edge tactics. It can be even more daunting to try to learn and launch these efforts from in-house without breaking the bank. If you can find a quality vendor to become a strategic partner who you can trust to guide you in the right direction then you get the best of both worlds: up-to-date insights from industry experts with a price tag you can afford.

So how do you find that perfect vendor?

Here are three things to look for in an agency:

  1. No outsourcing.
  2. With unique, compelling content atop the list of things that search engines use to rank websites, look for an agency that does not outsource their copywriting. To make sure the content is up to your standards, ask for writing samples. After you have chosen a digital marketing agency and your campaign is getting ready to begin, it’s also a good idea to ask for a meeting with the copywriter who will be creating the content for your brand. Make sure you are on the same page, provide detailed information about what you do and don’t want, and keep your agency in the loop with any product changes/updates and outside PR efforts.

    1. Breadth of services.
    2. There are many different aspects of online marketing: web design & development, social media, content marketing, paid search, inbound marketing, and more. The benefit of hiring an agency is so that you have an expert in the field just a phone call away. Make sure the agency you hire offers a wide variety of online marketing services so you have a one-stop-shop for all your needs. If you can, ask for a conference call with a representative from each of these areas. A quick call could be all you really need to make sure your campaign is in the hands of a knowledgeable team of people.

      1. Previous success stories.
      2. Does the agency have a sampling of case studies that you can review? These can usually provide you with a feel for some of their marketing strategies. Because all industries perform differently when it comes to online marketing, it’s important to make sure the agency has the experience you need. The agency you want strategically aligned with your company will have the proven ability to get what matters most: results.

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