Video Marketing Ideas

You’ll find an array of information related to online marketing online; yet, some topics are breached more than others.  For instance, you’ll find a lot of basic SEO advice, but not a lot of information specifically related to video usage.

Video, though still young regarding online marketing, is a great way to boost traffic and relay information.  Consider the following sentiments.

More Cues

Browsers receive more cues from watching video.  It’s not like reading text on a page.  More senses are involved in the learning process.  The involvement of more senses strengthens memory as well as intrigue.  Visual cues are taking more precedence online these days.  Don’t be behind the curve (especially don’t be behind your competitors).


Branding is the process of creating more associations to your company.  As discussed above, video offers more cues to onlookers.  That means they can learn more about personalities and those representing your company.  Think about reading a text post from a CEO then compare the experience to being able to see what they look like, their body language, tone of voice, etc.  What process do you think does more for company branding?


Edgar Allen Poe is a well-reputed author of the ages. Not many people know he was a serial writer of the penny papers too.  He would write serial fiction.  The marketing power of ‘serial’ information is nothing new.  Blockbuster movie franchises, popular television series, and book authors use serials all the time to keep consumers coming back.  Consider offering serial videos related to your goods/services.


Some online browsers are heavy readers; yet, there is a reason why browsers are called ‘browsers.’  Watching video is not as much a laborious effort as reading lines of text.  Some people do enjoy reading and many do not.  Video offers an alternative to reading, which is heavily warranted online.  Producing videos offers something more ‘light,’ yet does not have to go light on insight provided.

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