What if Google Didn’t Exist?

What if Google didn’t exist?  Would your company still?  SEO tactics are related to engine algorithms.  SEO has ‘engine’ in its name; practices have to pay attention to engine evolutions.  However, is it a sound business strategy to build a business model to be so reliant on a specific service?  Google is a business just like yours.  To be successful, it must think ‘for itself.’  That often perplexes a number of search engine optimization specialists and business owners; but, it is a reality.

Consider the following online marketing methods, which are not Google-reliant.

Social Media

People get to social media platforms through search engines; yet, there are multiple search engines, not one.  However, though the majority of browsers use a particular engine, if the engine did not exist, there are others.  Rather than rankings, a brand can connect with consumers on social media platforms.  It’s another means to an eventual conversion.  So rather than taking the strict engine-rank approach, a brand can think about hosting messages on social media platforms.  Conveniently, a number of SEO agencies also offer such services.

Guest Appearing

A lot of brands do all they can to make the engines rank their content pages high.  It’s a very tough effort.  However, your brand can help others with their efforts while still attracting attention to your own.  Have ever thought about ‘guest appearing’ on another brand’s content?  This can take the shape of a written post, an audio interview, a white-board video, or other variety of hosted content.  Content helps make connections with a targeted audience.  Ensure to search for opportunities on other brand’s properties.


Think about some major brands.  Have you ever received free samples in the mail?  The strategy is that they want you to sample their products first.  Why not?  If you believe in your product, then you want people to try it, right?  Think of providing free samples of products or hosting in-house events showcasing your brand’s services.  Search engine optimization is another method to intrigue a target market, correct? Well, finding consumers and getting your product/service in front of them physically is another way to make an impact.  In many ways, this method makes a stronger impact.  How is it connected to SEO?  Ask consumers to participate on your blog or write their own review or your product and post it online.

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