What Industries Benefit Most from SEO?

SEO is an ever-evolving industry that has grown to include social media, public relations, and more, so many industries are able to benefit from a variety of Internet marketing services. Search engine optimization no longer serves only a few niche industries and your business needs Internet marketing in order to be successful in the marketplace. While everyone can benefit from an SEO company, there are a few industries where SEO and Internet marketing are more important than ever due to the competitive nature of the trade.

Lawyers and Law Firms
This large, heavily-involved industry can be extremely competitive in terms of ranking for keywords. While law firms can still get some business without top 10 rankings, that’s nothing compared to what they could achieve with a few listings on the first page of Google for their area of practice and locations. Because there are a variety of niche areas in law, as well as regional locations, law firms can easily be marketed and proper audiences targeted.

Small Businesses
Small businesses could perhaps benefit the most from Internet marketing campaigns that offer a way to attract local customers or clients, particularly if they’re looking to expand. Internet marketing can not only help with their search results, but can help lend credibility to their enterprise.

Real Estate Agents and Agencies
Realty is another large industry where being found online is an important part of business, both for real estate agents and agencies. With many agents dedicated to one area, competition can be tough. When one’s income relies on clients finding you to help buy and sell houses and properties, Internet marketing can be the key to finding success.

Travel Agencies and Destinations
When you’re ready for a vacation, where is the first place you look? Chances are, you probably type your destination into Google first, which is why it’s so important for travel agencies, destinations, and hotels to be at the top if they want to get customers. Services like reputation management can help lend credibility and provide social media aids that engage users and increase awareness.

Online Retailers
SEO can help benefit e-commerce sites by increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to the site – therefore, increasing the business’ bottom line. Popular industries like fashion and other products rely on conversions for success and an SEO campaign can aid in increasing these conversions by a large percentage.

Higher Education
In order to improve search results and drive students to their schools, higher education is another industry that can benefit greatly from an SEO campaign. Students like to see schools that engage with their students, whether it’s via a blog or social media. With today’s students obsession with technology and social media, educational institutions can use social media and other online tools to their advantage – including SEO.

These are just a few of the large variety of industries that can benefit from SEO. Any industry that is large and competitive can profit from a good Internet marketing campaign to help garner natural traffic to a site, as well as increase brand awareness. Be sure to choose a reputable and experienced SEO company to suit your needs.

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