Why Companies Have a Bad Reputation Online

Many businesses have turned to the expertise of SEO companies to launch a reputation management campaign. These campaigns aim in helping businesses that have received much criticism online to recover. While reputation management campaigns are necessary in order to help a business survive, one question many businesses wonder is how they received such a bad reputation online.

Rival companies will purposely target you
Companies will purposely target rival companies in order to degrade their online reputation. They can do this by hiring a writing team to write false or negative content about the other company, or pose as fictitious characters and write the content themselves. In either instance, the content can be posted on article sites, blog sites or review sites, and for anyone to read and leave their comment.

Unhappy customers will take it out on you
Your reputation can also be affected by disgruntled customers who freely and openly express their opinions and reviews of your company. There are many ways in which customers can leave their feedback. They may post reviews on review sites or write a blog post on their personal blog reflecting their views. As mentioned above, one negative review about a company left by a customer can expand because of the comments that follow, which can stir up an entire conversation.

Recovering from a bad reputation
It’s important to remember that a bad reputation will not go away; it will only get worse. One bad comment or review will lead to many responses, and these posts hold much weight in search engines. The best approach in shredding negative content is by creating positive content. Remember that the ultimate purpose is to bring in and keep customers. Creating false content about another business will not give your business the positive reputation it needs.

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