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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website for the best possible search engine ranking. SEO proves to be extremely helpful for websites that wish to be discovered in the different search engines through analyzing and determining the relevant keywords or phrases. The search engines use complex algorithms to find the most accurate and useful information relating to the search that the user types into the search box. These results from the search can be anything from a news article to a photo or video. There are many factors that are a part of the complex algorithms that search engines use, many of which are constantly changing and evolving in order to keep up with the user trends and advances in technology. 

What do SEO companies do? 

SEO companies work hard to help businesses navigate the difficulties involved in website ranking. Typically, they will provide the optimization of a website both onsite and offsite. From content marketing to website design, and keyword research to link building, SEO companies should have your business covered when it comes to optimizing your search results. There are hundreds of factors that play in to how the search results and rankings are affected by content. A legitimate SEO agency will use these factors as guidelines to help increase your search engine rankings. SEO can be very complex and time-consuming. Furthermore, as search engine algorithms change it can be difficult to stay current on the latest ranking factors and strategies for improving online visibility. You will likely see a greater return on investment and better results from using a professional SEO agency than you would from tackling this on your own.

Top SEO Companies

The information provided in this article is the first step in finding the right SEO company for your business. Here is a list of the Top 10 SEO Companies of 2023: 

Award-winning marketing services since 2008, WebiMax prides itself on its customer first approach in communicating and educating our clients on the best practices for all aspects of digital marketing. As other companies come and go, WebiMax consistently delivers the best Return on Ad Spend. Start getting results today! Led by CEO Ken Wisnefski, WebiMax is a results-focused digital marketing agency. WebiMax has received recognition as an Inc. 500 America’s Fast-Growing Private Company and as one of Forbes Most Promising Companies. As one of the top marketing agencies in America, WebiMax knows what it takes to be the best. Using an evolving collection of proven services and the same online marketing tactics that built their own success, they help businesses bring their brands to the forefront of their industry. With a talented and results driven team, no long-term contracts, and award-winning strategies, there are many reasons why Webimax keeps their clients happy. 

Thrive is committed to helping businesses across industries augment their marketing efforts and gain a competitive edge through comprehensive digital marketing solutions. What started as a one-man shop has blossomed into a full-service digital marketing agency that serves thousands of companies worldwide. Today, they have thousands of active clients from Germany, Hong Kong and the United States who have entrusted their digital success to their team. Thrive works with businesses of all sizes – from startups to large franchises – in most industries and niches. As they grow, they continue to improve their processes and invest in state-of-the-art tools and resources to provide their digital marketing partners with top-notch services. Thrive boasts a unique, close-knit team with experts in all facets of web marketing: strategic, creative, and technical. As a recognized leader in digital marketing. Thrive has more than 220 employees across 34 states and located in 10 different countries. They work closely together to ensure smooth campaign development and execution for all of their clients. Their digital marketing professionals from all over the world offer unique skill sets and years of industry expertise. In every project we handle, you can trust us to deliver custom web solutions that meet your long-term strategic goals.

(866) 434-4748  

Arlington, TX

Ignite Visibility offers best-in-class SEO, paid media, social media, email marketing, creative, development, Amazon and CRO. The company has the pleasure of representing over 150 amazing clients such as Tony Robbins, The General, The Knot World Wide, National Funding and 5 Hour Energy, as well as smaller clients. Ignite Visibility focuses on building relationships, being incredibly responsive and getting results for clients. With 90+ employees located in San Diego, John Lincoln, his business partner Krish Coughran, and company leaders diligently train and manage the Ignite Visibility team. By establishing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships, Ignite Visibility creates custom solutions tailored to meet the specialized business objectives of each client. In an industry with no barrier to entry, Ignite Visibility has forged ahead by rigorously training and testing staff. Ignite Visibility has a relentless focus on goals, forecasting, innovation, and customer success.

(619) 752-1955

San Diego, CA

A boutique, yet global data driven growth agency, SEO Brand consistently delivers 10x ROI for our clients. No brand is too big or too small. Their team is creative, communicative, business savvy and accountable. SEO Brand will completely absorb your business model while using digital channels to help you acquire and retain customers. They live and breathe the customer life cycle and will not stop until you have 100% market share. As a full-service digital agency, SEO Brand analyzes every facet of your online presence regardless of the size and scope of your business. Through their expertise in analysis, development, and design, they create unique and customized digital marketing solutions for every client that are 100% attainable to return on investment. See why hundreds of clients trust their digital agency and more importantly, why you should as well. Using SEO Brand’s data driven approach their specialists will unleash a wave of organic traffic growth for your business. 

(800) 262-5023

Boca Raton, FL

Sure Oak is on a mission to empower people to reach their full potential and live their wildest dreams and they make it happen through SEO. Their full-service SEO firm offers unparalleled expertise along with proprietary growth strategies to get businesses ranking higher and growing faster. Sure Oak has highly specialized services, everything from content optimization to premium link building, that generate real results by helping to increase online visibility and organic traffic. Algorithm changes will come and go, but the holistic approach to SEO is a sure thing with Sure Oak. They constantly improve, explore, adapt, and expand to earn our clients the visibility it takes to increase their conversions. That’s why big and small brands alike trust them to help them achieve what every business wants: sustainable growth. Sure Oak believes in bold dreamers and the power of a connected world to make big ideas a reality. For them, every day is an opportunity to empower people to lead fulfilling lives with our proven strategies. Get excited. It’s time to dream big.

(800) 736-7190

Brooklyn, NY

WebFX is a tech-enabled digital marketing solutions provider, and we create custom strategies for each of our clients based on their needs and goals. Their team is made up of award-winning marketers, designers, and developers, and they know what it takes to get real results online. WebFX also keep the focus on the metrics that mean the most, like leads and revenue generated. They know that hitting these goals is what moves businesses forward and believe that their clients’ success is the best measure of our own performance. Combining their technology platform and their expert online marketing team gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. As a leader in SEO, PPC, social, marketplaces, and web design services, their digital marketing agency prides itself on driving qualified traffic, converting visitors, and using cutting-edge technology measuring effectiveness to deliver real results for their clients.

(844) 856-2428

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

Recently voted the #1 Digital Marketing Firm in America, SocialSEO is your one-stop shop for SEO, SEM, social media, video production and email marketing. They have over 100 employees – all US based. SocialSEO puts their clients first – they are not successful unless you are. You can put your trust in their agency. They are Google Premier Partners and endorsed by nationally recognized Dave Ramsey. Their rapidly growing agency has more than 20 years of experience to create tangible results for your business. All of their agreements are month-to-month and require only a 30-day notice to stop services, making them prove themselves each and every month. Whether your business goal is to increase eCommerce sales, drive foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar location, or gather leads, their team can get you the results you are looking for. SocialSEO has worked with major local and national brands as well as small local businesses to drive conversions, increase lead flow, and raise the bottom line. 

(800) 657-1645

Colorado Springs, CO

Mantra is one of the best corporate SEO agencies. They understand how SEO works and that keeps them ahead of others. They know that Google doesn’t decide on the websites that rank top of the search results. The rankings are adjusted by algorithms based on various factors. Mantra SEO campaigns optimize every factor to ensure that Google ranks it high. Even though SEO depends on technology to make it effective, it affects those in business. As a result, this firm has real humans handling your campaigns at each stage. Mantra believes you must have your business on the internet to attract customers. It implies that it’s mandatory to have SEO for your business. They have an outstanding scalable model and can improve every business at any budget. Manta has over 25 years as a leading digital marketing agency for small businesses. Their 4-stage testing process identifies high-intent, low-competition keywords that match up with your business offerings, and what people are actually searching for.

+1 (877) 425-7993

Lehi, UT

Billed as a full-service internet marketing company, search engine optimization is just one element of Straight North’s services. Now operating from eight locations, including LA and NY, the last 10 years have been a rapid rise to the top for Straight North. Their cutting-edge, targeted solutions help you attract the right customers, convert leads, and grow your business. Straight North, a top Internet marketing company, creates measurable marketing campaigns that every click, every call, and every lead so you know that your advertising dollars are working hard to bring you more business. Having acquired several businesses, they’ve grown their services to ensure a wide range of specialisms, including SEO for small businesses, Google penalty recovery, and email marketing. Straight North believes the best SEO client is a knowledgeable, well-informed client. Their reporting and day-to-day communication are clear and detailed, so you know what kind of work they are doing and what they are hoping to accomplish. At all times, they welcome their client’s input, feedback, questions, and concerns.

(855) 883-0011

Chicago, IL

SmartSites is an award-winning website design and digital marketing agency, with a focus on search engine marketing (SEO & PPC). With an innovative vision and a lot of hard work, SmartSites quickly became one of America’s fastest-growing digital marketing & SEO companies. Get more qualified traffic on the search terms that matter most to your business. They analyze every variable that affects SERPs, from domain authority to site speed, allowing us to achieve results that matter. SmartSites has a proven track record. They offer a full-service digital marketing solution. SmartSites can manage your content, outreach, web development and design to ensure your business goals are met. Personalized solutions allow us to deliver the most value to your business. Their approach is fully transparent, helping you to better understand the science behind search engine optimization. They can help you to craft a superior customer experience, allowing you to focus on the things that matter, like running your business. Set your business up for long-term success today with SmartSites. 

(201) 870-6000

Paramus, NJ